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Church of God Worldwide Mission Pentecostal International Church Eastbourne


Pevensey Road
BN21 3HJ
East Sussex

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The Deliverance Centre in Eastbourne is a Christian organisation in the Pentecostal and Evangelical tradition, serving the community with the unadulterated delivery of biblical teachings and practical support through various community projects.

The focus of The Deliverance Centre is to help individuals realise their destiny, through the Word of God, and aim to be the best they can be by following their dreams and goals.

Rev. Marjorie Jones-Pope is the Senior Pastor at The Deliverance Centre in Eastbourne.

The Deliverance Centre in Eastbourne is a multi-cultural organisation representing several different nationalities, We are part of the Church of God Worldwide Mission, which is an international denomination representing many countries across the globe.

The Deliverance Centre

  • A place for all people of all nationalities
  • Changing Lives, Creating Destinies
Pastor Marjorie

Pastor Marjorie Jones-Pope

Branch Church

Feel free to visit our home church:

Pentecostal Church in Eastbourne

The deliverence centre is part of Church of God Worldwide Mission, and is a pentecostal Church in Eastbourne

If you are looking for a Pentecostal Church in Eastbourne we would love to talk to you